WOD: 3-19-13

Skill: Handstands

Warm Up: Practice HSPU to a deficit

WOD L1: 6 rounds for max reps of:

30 seconds of Push Ups
30 seconds of Hang Power Clean (115/75)

Rest 1 minute

WOD L2: 6 rounds for max reps of:

30 seconds of HSPU
30 seconds of Power Clean (185/125)

Rest 1 minute


So hoodies are on sale…

The weather is getting nicer and the days are getting longer.  Everything is getting a little bit better.  With promises of good things just over the horizon, Reebok CrossFit Back Bay would like to ensure that you are as ready as possible for the better things to come.  Next month will be our last month of gymnastics skills before we move on to the Olympic Lifts.  Things will be a little bit different and the Warm Up portion will be more like a first WOD rather than just time to practice skill.  We just want to make sure that you get to test your skill under stress rather than fresh and smiley.

More to come later,



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